Proceedings of the CONTROLO’2012 Portuguese Conference on Automatic Control

Funchal 16 - 18 July 2012

Editor and Publisher: Associação Portuguesa de Controlo Automático
Co-Editors: Morgado Dias, Eduardo Marques and Darío Baptista
Universidade da Madeira
ISBN: 978-972-97025-3-2

On behalf of the organizing committee, we are very pleased to welcome you to the 10th Portuguese Conference on Automatic Control (CONTROLO'2012). The 2012 edition takes place at the Universidade da Madeira (UMa) in Funchal, from the 16th to 18th of July.

This Conference is organized under the auspices of the APCA. APCA is the Portuguese Association of Automatic Control, which is a national member organization of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC).

The CONTROLO'2012 conference provides a forum for academics and practitioners to present new results and discuss the latest research and developments in the eld of automatic control.

The conference is intended as an international forum where an eective exchange of knowledge and experience amongst researchers active in various theoretical and applied areas of systems and control can take place. Participation of engineers and other scientists from industry is particularly signicant. The program includes also considerable space for promoting new technical applications and developments and real-world challenges.

We would like to thank the conference International Program Committee and additional reviewers for providing their assessments on time, and particularly to the keynote speakers and invited session organizers for providing the conference with interesting and up-to-date material.

We would like to demonstrate our gratitude to the Universidade da Madeira (UMa) for hosting the conference and for all the administrative support. In addition, we would like to thank the following institutions and companies for their support: Secretaria Regional da Cultura, Turismo e Transportes da Madeira, C^amara Municipal do Funchal, Ag^encia de Viagens InterTours, Cafes Delta, Empresa de Cervejas da Madeira, Banco Santander, Portugal Telecom, Monte Palace Tropical Garden and Telefericos da Madeira.

Please enjoy the conference, the city and the hospitality of the people of Madeira.

Morgado Dias

CONTROLO'2012 Chairman

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Group Publications
PapersA comparative analysis of tracking quality for cdm and pid control
PapersDual-processor neural network implementation in fpga
PapersComparing different implementations for the levenberg-marquardt algorithm
PapersMinimum-time motion planning of cranes with parametric uncertainty using linear programming
PapersPosicast pid control of oscillatory systems
PapersKernel behaviors on time scales
PapersFuzzy control of an electrolyzer in a stand-alone renewable energy system
PapersTracking in scale quad-rotors through adaptive augmentation
PapersProgramming embedded devices in iec 61131-languages with industrial plc tools using plcopen xml
PapersApplication and analysis of stiction estimation methods to control valves
PapersObstacle avoidance in optimal switching of a formation geometry
PapersVisual continuous maps for electric bills comparison
PapersRobust pole-placement control of neuromuscular blockade
PapersPosition control for induction motors using the sliding mode control theory
PapersLyapunov stability constrained adaptive nmpc for tubular bioreactors⋆
PapersDecision support system for building renovation
PapersSemi-active viscous damper for controlling civil engineering structures subjected to earthquakes
PapersGains tuning of fuzzy controllers based on a cost function optimization
PapersKarnuma an educational tool for digital systems
PapersModeling omnidirectional mobile robots: an approach using simtwo
PapersRolling a pseudohyperbolic space over the affine tangent space at a point
PapersA hyperbolic tangent replacement by third order polynomial approximation
PapersMulti-parametric constrained optimal control of a pneumatic artificial muscle
PapersA characterization of hysteresis systems
PapersModel predictive control for thermal house comfort with limited energy resources
PapersGeneration of artificial neural networks models in anticancer study
PapersAsymptotic stability of linear stochastic systems with delay driven by a bernoulli process
PapersOnline damage detection in euler-bernoulli beams using the extended kalman filter
PapersUnderdetermined stochastic systems modelled by a control dependent diffusion
PapersOn the stability of linear fractional difference systems
PapersExtended nonholonomic systems with drift
PapersA novel linear milp model to solve kakuro puzzles
PapersPortuguese consortium for online experimentation
PapersWhy controllability of rolling motions may fail
PapersOn the implementation of different hyperbolic tangent solutions in fpga
PapersExtension of real-time image validity by event-based updates
PapersEvaluation and optimization of three-phase separator vessel controlled by pi controls applying parti...
PapersA multi-agent approach for outlier accommodation inwireless sensor and actuator networks
PapersArtificial neural networks in the scope of optical performance monitoring
PapersRenewable energy characterization of madeira island
PapersNeuromuscular blockade control based on self-oscillating adaptive systems
PapersCost-based optimisation of the routing for wireless sensor networks in the presence of mobility
PapersLoiral wind park modelling using artificial neural networks
PapersDesign and implementation of controlled atmosphere chambers for cherry conservation
PapersDistributed event-based observers for lti networked systems
PapersTrajectory constraints for robust vehicle formation control
PapersMonitoring and management of energy in penteada building – a case study
PapersExperimental setup for turbocharger control
PapersArtificial neural networks – a survey about hardware and software use
PapersArtificial neural networks: a review of training tools
PapersA linear design model for wave filtering and dynamic positioning
PapersAutomatic pilot plant facility designed for the controlled ageing of madeira wines
PapersDynamic matrix control of thermal-optical laboratory system
PapersA nonlinear mpc approach to minimize toxicity in hiv-1 infection multi-drug therapy
PapersObservability analysis of the simultaneous underwater vehicle localization and mapping based on rang...
PapersWireless magnetic based sensor system for road traffic data collection
PapersA hospital patient localisation system using rf-signal rtt measurements
PapersWireless vehicular communications for automatic incident detection and recovery
Invited speakersDistributed control of water delivery canals
Invited speakersNetworked control systems: a wireless multirate perspective
Invited speakersOptimal kernel filtering for system identi
Invited speakersReal-time communications: from fieldbuses and industrial automation to wireless and vehicular applic...
Invited sessionFault tolerant reconfigurable control of a water delivery canal – actuator faults
Invited sessionSensor fault tolerant architecture for irrigation canals
Invited sessionModular modeling for large scale canal networks
Invited sessionAgent-based distributed control of a water distribution canal
Invited sessionAssessment of data-driven modeling strategies forwater delivery canals
Invited sessionParameter tuning of a distributed model predictive controller forwater delivery canal application

Authors (152)