Experimental setup for turbocharger control


Authors: João Coelho , José Cunha , Paulo Oliveira , Wojciech Giernacki Abstract: This paper presents the mechanical details regarding a new control test rig for laboratory use. A variable geometry turbocharger is this system central part. In this paper it will be shown how this rotating machine can be decoupled from the internal combustion engine and fitted in a [...]

A comparative analysis of tracking quality for cdm and pid control


Authors: Wojciech Giernacki Abstract: A tracking quality of CDM and PID control in systems with SMPO (stable, minimum-phase, oscillatory) plant are presented and compared in this paper. Constraints of control signal amplitude and step type of disturbance were considered in simulation tests, where for the synthesis of PID controller Matlab 7.0/Simulink Response Optimization libraries [...]

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